The Dramatic Results Troupe combines top professionals from the world of training, entertainment, speaking, improv, comedy and theater to bring unforgettable training to your employees and attendees. You and your group will be energized with a fresh perspective toward a more productive and passionate way of doing business. Exceptional is the goal built right into Dramatic Results’ presentations.

Theater-based Training  •  Learning Through Laughter

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The Problem: All the training in the world doesn’t matter if your employees don’t bring the knowledge and new-found skills back to their work environment and put them into practice. Research has demonstrated that learning through laughter and role-playing provides the highest level of retention among those striving to improve their skill sets.

The Solution & the Difference: Knowledge becomes more deeply ingrained when the learning experience itself becomes more memorable.  The Dramatic Results’ unique recipe of magic, comedy and theatrics, carefully blended with the subject matter, accomplishes exactly that. In our presentation you'll see real objects appear & disappear just as you will see misconceptions vanish & knowledge take shape.


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Dramatic Results is available for training programs, conventions, and private events, and will custom-design the content and skits for an exact fit for your audience. Our programs range from 30 minutes to half-, full-, and multi-day events.

This is where Dramatic Results excels: The long-term benefits of our training are increased productivity combined with happier employees. Why? Because they’ll have the tools, the practice, and the exhilaration of seeing their efforts result in a high level of rapport and cooperation. You’ll be able to measure the results in the smiles of your employees and guests, and in the bottom line. These positive changes become a part of your team culture. And Dramatic Results makes it easy and painless!